Inspired By Lean Six Sigma

Does your business need automation or its own process-based app?

You might feel frustrated by how much admin you have, or the workarounds you have to put in place because of the SaaS providers you're using. You might simply need something completely custom - but affordable.

Our ethos is to make your processes as efficient and effective as possible – so whether that’s a system for your documentation, the riddance of multiple spreadsheet cells, repetitive emails or documents, or the removal of admin you KNOW could be automated, we’ll save your money, effort, time and resources.

The best bit? In Lean Six Sigma (the tools within which are normally disregarded for small businesses), monetary savings are ALWAYS a byproduct. If we approve your project as a nice fit, your tech is capable of paying for itself.

  • We design it.
  • We build it.
  • We host it.

  • YOU save money, effort, time and resources with it.

  • Example Systems

    A bolt-on system to both reduce the admin on the founder as well as offer lots of exciting new features and functionality for members.

    A complex custom-built system to streamline, standardise and automate an internal process involving a very high number of variables. The app was built for onsite data collection to allow automatic report creation.

    A custom-built web app, with unique features and functionality throughout including client and partner signups, automated member level selection, automated invoicing and client-side partner profile completions.

    A custom-built course with varying levels of interactivity and functionality focussed around staff wellbeing.
    A leading canine nutritionist required a custom-built app to innovatively streamline calculation of species-appropriate canine nutrition for >70,000 Facebook followers.

    A highly complex application offering innovative and smart automation in many types of risk management processes.

    A system for both Tutors and Tutees; access would be given to both tailored resources and tutors available for the subject. A content management system with huge flexibility.

    This content management system has several unique features and tools for their members to benefit from. This project includes a back-end office for minimal admin intervention among what is a fully automated membership services platform.

    A system for improvement to Competency Assessing in Aviation which has always been somewhat cumbersome and can sometimes meaningless - we identified the drivers and logic to allow this level of automation to happen with meaningful results.

    A calculation system requiring a completely custom-built instant online quotation tool. We worked with them closely to identify drivers and logic, to be able to automate client project cost calculation.

    A swift design and implementation of a content management system in response to COVID-19 to allow video content to be accessed by various users with varying permissions. This system was innovatively adapted to retrofit their existing business setup, with Classes4Kids.

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